If you only want help with the jobs you never get around to doing you can simply prioritise your jobs and have your cleaner come in for a two to three hours per fortnight.

We know how hard it is when you are so busy just living life, also cleaning the house is not on your list of favourite ways to spend your times.

Find a cleaner in Bagshot, Camberley or windlesham


Employ one of our cleaners on a non-regular basis.

We all know the best time to clean your shower is after you’ve showered and everything’s already wet. The same applies to your kitchen while you’re cooking (pick up as you go and clean after you finish) etc.

And you probably do this but, its the other jobs that you just don’t seem to get around to..That’s where we come in..

If you don’t want a weekly cleaner, then we can also help with our non-regular services..

Give us a call to see how we can help you doing those household chores..