Do you need extra help in the home?

We have recently added a housekeeping service for those clients who need a little more than just a cleaner.

Our housekeeper can work for you any time from 5 to 35 hours per week. With the longer hours option, you may wish to have two housekeepers, it just depends on the kind of duties that you expect our housekeepers to perform.

Our housekeepers can work for you 1 day a week, or two, three or more depending on your own personal services camberley

One of the great things about employing a housekeeper, is they will take care of all those mundane chores, which can be really helpful if you work full time, or are abroad a lot, are unwell or incapacitated this may be the ideal service for you.

Here are some duties that our housekeeping team provides, but this is by no means the full list of duties:

  • General tidying & cleaning, with thorough attention to detail required by the client, such as cobwebs, top of pictures and skirting boards amongst many other general cleaning tasks.
  • Emptying bins and recycling
  • Wipe oven after every use
  • Refrigerator cleaned and out-of-date items discarded
  • Washing up/dishwasher use
  • Collecting laundry, washing, folding, hanging clothes and putting them away
  • Hand wash delicate items which the client has specifically asked for
  • Organising wardrobes and drawers if needed
  • Ironing clothes and bed sheets
  • Polishing brass and silver. Polishing fine furniture if client gives instructions and products
  • Cleaning inside windows (not outside)
  • Waxing floors
  • Watering plants

Like all the services we offer, all the housekeepers are fully vetted and insured for major damages and breaks within the property. When your housekeeper is on holiday we can provide cover for you for all or part of the time. The housekeeping service is available to everyone in the areas that we cover.

Please be aware that finding the right housekeeper for you can take a couple of weeks as it is more than a cleaning role and needs to be with the right person for you.

Please call us on 01276 23626 as we will need to discuss the ins and outs with each client on an individual basis. Click here to email us for a call back. We will come and visit you first to make sure that we can cater for your specific needs.