For some of us hiring a domestic cleaner, is a necessity rather than a luxury. Hiring a cleaner in the Camberley area does have its pitfalls.

The number one concern for most people must be health and safety, especially in this day and age of the “claim culture”.

I have heard many stories and have countless examples of simple accidents, that have left the house owner, (the employer) out of pocket.

Its all very well to employ a friend of the family, or a friend of a friend to clean your house or take on those domestic chores, you either don’t want to do. or can’t do.

But these days, it really does pay to have insurance. If your cleaner, reaching to clean cobweb in a high spot falls off a chair and breaks their ankle, or while cleaning the shower slips, the responsibility is with the house owner and the house owner has to pay any compensation claimed.

But of course it is very hard to get an insurance policy, that covers your domestic help.

Is it cheaper to hire someone you know? Well yes in the short term, providing they always turn up and do a good job.

Here at Lightwater Cleaning, we strive for excellence. We only employ people who are thoroughly vetted and of course properly insured.

We have many clients who have had one of our cleaners or domestic help for years, so they become like a friend of the family.

Hiring a professional cleaner in Camberley, is also not as expensive as you might think.

So if you want professional help with your chores and you want reliable, responsible people in your home that have been thoroughly vetted, call us for a chat and if we can give you a quote over the phone, we will.